Criminal Law

Possibly you or a member of your family is being investigated or charged with an allegation and help is needed at the police station, the Magistrates’ Court or even the Crown Court. In any of these cases, we have a team of very experienced lawyers familiar with not only the law but also the procedures and personnel at the local police stations and courts who can advise and defend you.

What can we do for you?

Our solicitors dealing with these areas of law are well-respected advocates. We will obtain and analyse the evidence and advise the best course for you. If a court case is involved we will speak on your behalf and present your case to your best advantage.

What do you do next?

Contact us with your email address or telephone number and we will contact you the same day with an appointment to come and talk to us. Alternatively, telephone 01525 376 611 or fax 01525 382 790.
If you are at a Police Station give our name to the police and they will arrange for us to be notified through the Defence Solicitor Call Centre. We will take it from there.

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