Sports Law

Everything you need to know about Sports Law

What you need to know

Our Jeremy Moore was awarded a Master of Sport Directorship by Manchester Metropolitan University and a Masters of International Sports Law from ISDE in Madrid. Jeremy has worked with many professional clubs, providing advice on disciplinary, contractual and other regulatory issues. He has provided seminars to several Premier League and EFL clubs to academy players on the legal system with regards to professional athletes the criminal justice system for young footballers.

Our Sports Law department are able to assist on these and other areas:-

Regulatory Issues

We are able to provide expert advice to clubs and regulatory bodies, advising on the making of regulations and the alleged breaches thereof by members of regulatory bodies, representing clients in proceedings before both domestic and international bodies in disputed matters.

Arbitration Hearings

Most regulatory disputes are settled by way of arbitration proceedings, both in domestic and international settings, including representation at the Court of Arbitration for Sport, CAS. We are able to provide expert advice, with a view to settling disputes to avoid the uncertainty of arbitration, or providing expert advice and representation where settlement is not possible.

Disciplinary Matters

Whether it be proceedings against clubs or individual athletes, we are able to provide expert advice to achieve the best possible outcome, allowing our clients to focus on performance on the pitch. Where rulings have already been made, we are able to advise on the prospects of a successful appeal of any decisions made, and the process for so doing.

Contractural Advice

Our team are experts advising clubs and sportsmen in the negotiation and drafting of contractual terms and contractual disputes arising from the breach of those terms.


We are able to advise governing bodies on their regulations and the efficacy thereof on issues such as club ownership models as well as advising clubs on the application and interpretation of those regulations.


This is an increasingly more important consideration in terms of the safeguarding in particular of young athletes and staff within clubs. We are able to advise on the drafting and implementation of appropriate safeguarding procedures to ensure the well being of employees.

Criminal Defence

We are able to advise athletes on their behaviour with a view to avoiding any potential problems with the law. If, however, an athlete becomes the subject of a criminal investigation, we are able to provide expert advice at all stages of a case, from investigation, to arrest and representation at interview, all the way through to a trial where we have access to the best barristers and experts.


As part of a vital education programme, we are able to provide seminars, in particular to young athletes to advise on all aspects of the legal system, in particular providing advice on behaviour to avoid any difficulties with the justice system. We are able to provide seminars at a location of your convenience, to tie in with training and fit in with a club’s busy weekly schedule.